What are Haggadot?

Haggadah (Haggadot in plural) is a Hebrew word meaning “story”. In particular this is a name of a text that explains the release of Israelites from slavery and the exodus from Egypt. This text is read during the feast of the Passover (Pesach). During Seder dinner it is read and discussed by all participants and especially children, since the purpose is to keep the memory alive and pass the baton to the new generations. Everything that is done during these days (rituals, meals, …), hast the aim of not forget the origins and to learn to value freedom and everything we own.

Haggadot have been made everywhere and every time. The ones made in the Catalan Calls (Jewish quarters) during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries had a great artistic quality specially for their “illuminations” that is, illustrations in the text.

After the persecutions and expulsions of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries many haggadot were lost: destroyed or taken away. Currently, there are a few that are scattered in different museums, which are admired and considered real gems.