“Jaume I was the king largest in Christendom”, says film producer Jordi Carbonell. “Our history has a wealth brutal, but we know better the history of Braveheart”, adds. The ambitious film project that is starting to turn could help change this situation: three major productions with a budget of 60 million euros, which will adapt the trilogy that the author wrote Andorran Albert Salvado, James I the Conqueror, published in 2000 by Columna.

The same Albert Salvado working on the script of the three films, while seeking private funding for international co-production “in the style of The Lord of the Rings or Gladiator”, with a mixture of “Catalan and international actors”, the first of which is scheduled to roll in 2015 in Catalonia and Andorra. Do not expect public funding to implement the project, “just ask public institutions support logistics.”

At the moment there is no director. Jordi Carbonell not rule it here: “We have internationally renowned directors capable of managing a project, what happens is that they have been given the opportunity.” We also have crew in the country, are “of high level, “said.

The film follows the structure of the novel, titled: The dagger of the Saracen, Queen Hungarian and Talk or kill me. The writer speaks with enthusiasm of the character: “James I conquered lands and hearts. He was tall, blond, blue eyes… A person who has everything inside: the physical but also emotional and intellectual. Henry VIII was a child beside her, except that James I did not kill anybody.”