· Very advantageous tax treatment.

· Fiscal and financial incentives to stimulate the audiovisual industry.

· Deductions and credits to investors in film production.

· Support the government to encourage private capital.

· Tax benefits for individuals and legal entities.

Cinema law (Law 55/2007 of 28 December) establishes a very advantageous tax treatment to support film activity, in line with tax incentives contained in the laws of the US or the UK. Specifically, a fixed deduction of 18% of the investment in audiovisual works of Spanish, rising to 38% for those works produced in the Canary Islands.

In the event of a major commercial success of the films, the return can triple the initial investment.

Through the IEA as a vehicle for investment tax credits are generated for investors.

With this incentive, P15A has created a model that allows to benefit from a high fiscal and financial profitability.

P15A selected film projects based on their national and international sales potential.

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